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Race Bike Preparation

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Here a Motogpwerks we have the experience and tools to provide the customer with a level off race bike that can compete in Vintage Arhma, AMA and Wera events.

We have at our disposal G.M.D compute track for chassis mods, dynojet 250ix, machine shop and welding services.

Motogpwerks currently builds numerous ducati’s and vintage super bikes which include custom exhaust and swing arms.

Bike preparation services:

  1. Baseline Dyno Run/Final Dyno Tune
  2. Complete Bike Disassembly
  3. Grease, Inspect, and re-torque all Bearings, Pivots, Links etc.
  4. Remove all unnecessary Brackets
  5. Remove all unnecessary Electrical Components; ignition switch, left side switch, etc
  6. Modify Under Tail/ Battery Tray
  7. Re-Route Wiring Harness
  8. Replace Rear Shock & Rebuild Front Forks
  9. Modify Bolts & Hangers for Easy Service
  10. Install Supersport / Superstock Engine
  11. Drill & Safety Wire all Bolts; Track Day or Race
  12. Hang Aftermarket Bodywork
  13. Install Aftermarket Electrical Components; Power Commander, Bazzaz Quick Shift, etc.
  14. Install Accessory Brackets; rearsets, clip-ons, upper cowl brace, etc.
  15. Install Steel Braided Brake Lines, Race Brake Fluid, Race Pads
  16. Flush Coolant System and Replace with Legal Coolant.