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Super street bike, September 2009
March 14, 2011

Restoration projects are for old farts.Why not mate old school heart and soul to new technology instead? Before there were such beasts as Hayabusas and ZX-14s, a single bike ruled the streets. When introduced in 1986, the Suzuki GSX-R750 revolutionized the two-wheeled world and created a new class-the race replica sportbike. Things have come a long way in twenty-plus years though, and what was once the pinnacle of performance is now nothing but a relic.

We had an idea about changing that notion though. Could a clapped out 1987 GSX-R750 be brought back to life using modern technology? Would the heart of the beast accept new parts bolted on? The goal was to use as much modern technology as possible while keeping the old school looks.

The stock horsepower and weight of the original bike would easily get trounced by any modern sportbike, so we wanted to show that with enough time and patience anyone can take a trashed out bike and compete with modern muscle. when it’s all finished, we’ll pit it against a stock 1987 GSX-R750 to find out just how much we improved it. Copy and Pictures by John Zamora