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Street Monsters, February 2010
March 15, 2011

Article by Yanik (Translated in English) and Photos by John Zamora When it comes to wheels Rican, one imagines is a Harley with a bearded tattooed, a gang leader on a Busa and extended to the chrome pins Gommard. The lowest caste, that of sports bling-blingisées, our colleagues at Super Street Bike made their specialties in a long time. But jaded by the ZX-14 with NOS and other suspensions of gas, they decided to conduct their own project! Portrait of a Gex "old school" like no other...

Drafting Anotre us in our local ultra luxurious when selecting the bikes that we will put in the mag, we have a well established process. Leaving the jacuzzi, we open a beer, it is set around a table with pictures of wheels and it involved (it happens sometimes that dress before the end of the meeting). The bling-bling U.S. is poised to be when it’s really well done, when it is completely blocked and extravagant. But hey, be honest: nothing looks more like a U.S. project that another U.S. project! With this in mind, the team of Super Street Bike (SSB for a GSX-R Yes, again and again, but version 86, with the challenge of making a Gifted rebate for every day (As a reminder, in 86 Platini was captain of the team in France and Citroën carton with BX)!

Allez hop, everyone naked!

I can see the watchdogs forums air / oil rise. Yes, it’s a sacrilege to change a museum piece, we know … but it will be square! Already we spend even one damn Gifted in street, let us live shit!

Now that Mormons suzukiens subsided, back to bolts. To check their wheel, the guys at SSB were like everyone else: the classifieds. “Sell old GSX-R 87. Do not start …” Perfect! The project “Pimp My Bike” is launched! Well, naturally, he has a dirty mouth, but step 1 is anyway to disassemble everything and fuck with grab anything that no longer serve. Bolt by bolt, joint by joint, everything is put aside. The framework in hand painting and will not return once covered with a thick layer of epoxy.

The engine will not start, but there’s part of rab. Because they do not want to change moulbif (for not having to go to a bigger shoe horn), they prefer to change everything … inside, such as yoghurt Bifidus Actif. Of the piston rod through the oil cooler, the old air / oil is here to cure hormones that even a former swimmer from East Germany refused! Obviously, side running gear, we could not leave the chewing gum of origin. This is his descendant, a 750 K7, which provides the fork “kivabien with assorted clips Beringer.

Level hoops, again, difficult to imagine a Gifted Rican with a 140-Gommard the rear, especially nowadays, even the 125 largest rise! Widening the rear track, rigid swingarm, wheels and Performance Machine amorto art, everything is upgraded into a breker character, in the total neo retro look.

Chapter electricity, xenon headlights, LED lights, digital speedometer with retro 1000 K7 clikos (LEDS themselves too) integrated program is complete. You think all this is easy to install? Did not count on rats and other rodents who ate everything outright or was represented on the Gifted cable during his long years of storage! He took all again from scratch A blessing in disguise I tell you! And as long as wire, our friends take advantage of SSB to connect a NOS kit, just to keep a small reserve power in case.

Do you bling my lovely?

Everything that is old and ugly (NES: this bastard Distrib talk like that) and who is an accessory has been changed! Crutch handles, exhaust, fork, saddle and so on. It is hardly the fairings that save their skins! And yet, it took to do with the stock parts, parts to arrive to make a complete set. Obviously, history do not like everyone else, SSB painted it all with at least 45 pounds of sequins, impossible to watch in full sun this Gex (ok, I added a bit there)!

Once assembled, the shit was beautiful avoirl’âge Rustyfly of it when even the Queule! In our famous meeting, we said that Gifted was a trick. Yes it’s bling-bling, but yes it flasy brothel, it’s still not short the streets something typed up the bone that keeps the original spirit intact!

The icing on the cake, rolls, and even more! SSB had the idea to compare it to confront its last generation. If everything is above 750 led to the granny accel, braking, the latter not give up and even shot shorter than the 750 and 1000 K9 present that day! And all this while keeping a super healthy driving behavior! Moral of the story: yes, you can make bling-bling that rolls other than a straight line!