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Dyno Tuning

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Dynamometer is an essential tool for realizing the full potential of today's motorcycles. It can accurately calibrate fuel and injection maps as well as diagnose run and drivability issues. And it's all done in a controlled environment with road simulation done right in the shop. MotoGP Werks has trained technicians for dyno runs; the training included years controlling and optimizing dyno runs for research and devolvement at Yoshimura, whether you need it for the track or just want to take your bike to the next level for those Sunday rides.

MotoGP Werks, first is committed to being on the cutting edge of motorcycle performance and technology through continue R&D. MotoGP Werks is currently using the new DynoJet 2501 from DynoJet Research, makers of the Power Commander line of tuning products. The 250i is a new standard in terms of Dynos, equipped with a real time torque meter and real time Oxygen and Eddy current load control. While most dynos are an inertia only type, this dyno allows for real world load testing.

Our trained technicians are able to load test at any RPM setting to fine tune all RPM ranges and throttle settings due to our extensive knowledge gained from the highest levels off racing (MotoGP, AMA) we are the only shop in Southern California (SoCal) who has knowledge on Motec tuning, kit ECU tuning and even Vintage tuning for all 70's-80's Japanese / British motorcycles.

Compared to other tuning shops dyno's our clients trust MotoGP Werks mechanics. Our shop dyno expertise ranges from tuning CR'S on 'Green Day's" cafe bike to turbo charged gsxr's.