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Carburetor Overhaul

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MotoGP Werks have invested into ultra sonic cleaner as well as electronic carburetor balancer and necessary tools to complete any overhaul If you are the owner of a 1970's classic, or an R1 or Fireblade, MotoGP Werks can provide overhaul/cleaning and/or restoration services that will ensure the optimum carburetion and performance from your machine.

Choose from the services listed below and be assured that the quality of service and the workmanship that has always set the MotoGP Werks apart from the rest is as good as ever

From the start of this business, MotoGP Werks has used ultrasonic as the means of completing the cleaning element of the overhaul. No acids or aggressive chemicals are used. No Silly little ultrasonic baths are used either!! Industrial quality equipment, time proven methods, years of experience and an enviable record for good workmanship and service is what MotoGP Werks customers have come to expect.

Regardless of year, make or machine, they all get the same care and attention. Although the motorcycle carburetor services are predominantly used by owners of Japanese machines or Japanese carburetors.

The problems associated with poor carburetor performance display themselves in a variety of ways. A carburetor contains as many as 7 different fuelling circuits within each unit and to obtain seamless fuelling over the entire engine operating range, It Is important that all of the systems work as designed. Each system, possibly other than the cold start, does not shut off at some predetermined point where the next circuit takes over, but they should all blend. Thus fault diagnosis is not a simple affair.

Carburetors left for as short a period as three months with a supply of fuel to them will get into a mess very quickly. The jets are relatively easily cleaned but the real problems lie within the body of the carburetor and aerosol sprays and the like will simply not remove them. Imports from Japan and the UK are renowned for this problem and these problems are further compounded by the strange fuels that they use in those countries. In the United States, modem fuels separate out in as short a period as 30 days, so lightly used machines suffer badly. Modem machines are particularly susceptible to fueling problems of this sort.

The other issues that affects performance is the quality of maintenance Over the years many hands will have worked on your carburetors and indications at MotoGP Werks are that abysmal maintenance is every bit as much of a problem as fuel residues. Whether carburetors have problems or not, their operational efficiency depends to a large extent on their being in optimum condition and this is understood by those who require optimum performance from their machines. Owners and riders of competition machines use MotoGP Werks to attend to their carburetion needs on an annual basis.

Our DynoJet 250i issued to confirm and setup any problems that the customer is faced with the Dyno most real world problem can be addressed. If your carburetors are giving trouble, you may consider that replacement with a secondhand set would be preferable to cleaning.

Please remember: There is simply no way that the operational efficiency of the carburetors you may purchase can be assessed from their appearance. You may yet end up with carburetors that are worse than the ones you already have The generally accepted rule is: If you know the carburetors worked well at some time in the past and that they have not been damaged since, keep them and get them overhauled.

Lastly: not all overhaul services are the same: 'Costs and more importantly standards of workmanship and service vary enormously. Rebuilding or restoration should be a once

Advice on Used Carburetors

MotoGP Werks does not sell used or secondhand carburetors

I would walk away from:
Locked up assemblies or units seized idle mixture screws.
Broken Idle mixture screws: If the idle mixture screws are free, take them out and make sure that the tips have not broken off and still lodged in the bodies.
Damaged diaphragms: $200+ to replace on a four cylinder machine.
Damaged castings and missing bits.
Cracked mounting stubs: Dellorto clamp fit series in particular.