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Bike Restoration

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What is Motor cycle Restoration? To us, a total motorcycle restoration is more than a spray can paint job and. A new set of wheels. We believe it involves assessing the vehicles overall Condition and knowing what’s involved in return it to original if not better, Condition that when it left the factory 30, 40, even 50 years ago. Our Restorations create more than just a bike, but a mechanically sound, Reliable motorcycle you can enjoy for years to come with proper Maintenance. Restoration includes not only the parts that can be seen; The frame, trim, chrome, wheels, speedometer and tachometer, but also the Engine, brakes, cooling system, electrical wiring and fluid systems. Level A Restoration =l eaves no nut or bolt Untouched, vapor blasting parts where Needed

No painted surface unpolished, no wiring untested, and No part goes without inspection, repair, improvements (or) upgrades

  • A complete disassembly down to the frame
  • A thorough cleaning & inspection of the frame & all parts
  • Review of all safety items
  • Cleaning & sealing the inside of the gasoline tank
  • Engine or transmission overhaul/rebuild
  • Carburetor cleaning or rebuild & new fuel lines (ultra sonic cleaned & vapor blasted )
  • Electrical system upgrades or a new wiring harness
  • Brake & master cylinder rebuilding
  • Replacement of all cables, hoses, lines, tires, rubber parts, etc.
  • Re-chroming or re-Cad plating of parts & hardware
  • Refurbishing or replacement of all bolts, nuts, screws & other hardware
  • Professional body work & painting
  • Re-lacing of spoke wheels & new tires & inspection of wheel bearings
  • Steering bearings replaced or repacked
  • New seat foam & cover
  • Polish & shine the aluminum parts … to name just a few items

Finding parts for an especially rare or unusual motorcycle – parts made of “Unobtainium” – is a job unto itself. Also, we often have to correct previous “Restorations” or service work to bring a bike up to our mechanical Standards & general safety. Then we’re able to start the actually Restoration. For your safety & ours, we wil not compromise on our Mechanical service & safety standards.

Phases of a Level A Restoration:

Our Level A restorations fall under the following general phases:

  • disassembly, cleaning & assessment
  • frame paint
  • engine rebuilding
  • Carburetor rebuilding
  • Wheels
  • first level of re-assembly / rolling chassis
  • body work paint
  • 2nd level of re-assembly/ wiring & hoses
  • final assembly
  • test ride & fine tuning

Level B Restoration

Focuses on mechanical repairs and A limited amount of cosmetics such as painting, polishing, Re-paling or re-chroming. Major mechanical components are:

  • Carburetor Rebuilding - more than a cleaning but a complete overhaul & Replacement of certain parts
  • Engine Rebuilding - top end, bottom end, or complete with cylinder Boring & piston/rings replacement
  • Transmission Rebuilding – from new bearings, shift forks or gears to Crank shaft regrinding or replacement
  • Electrical System Overhaul - replace wiring harness, install combo Regulator/rectifier, install Boyer Bransden electronic ignition, remove points, Correct “home-made” wiring systems, and service 6, 12, and 24 volt Systems
  • Brake or Suspension Rebuild – brake caliper rebuild, master cylinder Rebuild, replace hoses or brake shoes/pads, and replace shocks or front forks
  • Level B Limited Cosmetic work – limited amount of painting, polish, Re-chroming, re-plating, new bolts or hardware – anything non-mechanical.
  • For a list of all the services we offer, visit out Services page

Pricing for Level A or Level B Restorations

Cost & completion time are proportionate with the staring condition of the Bike (runs, doesn’t run, “basket case”), extent of the restoration, type of Bike, parts availability & repairs needed.